About Us at MacKeno.com

We are casino lovers.  Have been since the first time we walked into a casino.  The sounds, the sights, the people – all of it.  We’re weekly lottery players, one of is a bingo fanatic, and of course we love the game of keno.

Keno is popular in the bars and restaurants where we live.  In fact it’s almost impossible to walk into a bar around here and not see a keno or lottery machine.  Needless to say, we’ve played our fair share of keno.

And the Mac – what can we say?  Been using one for years and will never buy anything but.  Mac computers, iPhones, and our kid has a plethora of iPods.

So when we tried to play keno on our Mac, we found it frustrating that barely any online casinos offering keno were Mac compatible.  Fast forward to today, and we host the best collection of Mac compatible keno games on the internet.

the MacKeno.com team