Keno Betting Strategy – Or is it Just Luck?

Keno is a casino game that is very similar to a lottery game. There are a certain number of balls called in each game and each player gets to pick the numbers they feel are going to be called. What many people would like to know is if there really is a good keno betting strategy or is it just luck to win big at this game?

Some keno players say that they do use a strategy and some players say there isn’t a strategy to use. Strategies people have used are same number playing, limiting numbers played and multiple cards played. No matter what keno betting strategy you are using, you really need to have a bit of luck on your side to win. Every single number on the keno board has an equal chance of being drawn during each game.

Keno Strategies – How does it Work?

To get a good idea of what a keno strategy is like you need to know how to play keno. Keno is a lottery style game played in casinos, both live and online. Typically in a casino the keno board has numbers 1 through 80 and players can pick up to 10 numbers they feel will be called. In a typical keno game, there are 20 balls drawn. In order to win you must get at least 2 of your numbers called. The more numbers you have called the higher your winning will be.

Popular Keno Strategies

One strategy that keno players use is to pick their favorite numbers. Often times people will play their lucky number, like their kid’s birthdays and other special dates. They will play these numbers each and every time they play casino, just like lottery players who play the same numbers week after week. Sometimes this strategy will pay off but really is more luck than anything else.

Some players think a good keno betting strategy is to play a limited amount of numbers. The odds of getting 2 numbers when you only pick 6 numbers is better than the odds of getting 2 numbers when you have picked 20. The more numbers you get right the more money you can win and if you play 6 numbers and all 6 of the numbers are called you win more than if you have picked 10 numbers and 6 are called.

Multiple Keno Cards

Just like lottery players, keno players will occasionally play multiple cards with different numbers on them. The logic in that is that by covering more numbers you have a better chance of winning. The downfall of this keno strategy is that there are thousands of combinations of winning keno numbers that you would literally have to play thousands of cards to guarantee an even money win.

Strategies in keno playing aren’t much different than having a strategy to win the lottery or even to win at slot machines. Because of the random number generators used in keno, there isn’t any real strategy that can be applied to this game.